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Channel Pipe & Steel (Steel Ranch)

Driven by the increasing demand for pipe and steel by Channel Specialty’s customers, Levie, Tommy and Brad Ronsonet decided to expand their business with younger brother Tim. In 1993 Channel Pipe & Steel was established.

Here at the Steel Ranch, we supply pipe and steel to contractors, fabricators, farmers, supply stores and individuals. As with Channel Specialty and Blue Sky the Steel Ranch is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service for all orders regardless of size.

Due to our success in the steel pipe business there was a need for us to expand. In January of 2009 our new 50,000 sq. ft. facility was completed and open for business. Our new facility includes a 48,000 sq. ft. indoor warehouse where we keep most of our materials. The new location is at 4914 Landry Rd. in New Iberia. If you are in the area, please stop by and give us a visit.

Channel Specialty

Channel Specialty Company was established in 1974 by Levie & Tommy Ronsonet. From our humble beginning with only two employees, we have grown to over 35 employees with eight warehouses of material on hand to serve our customer’s needs. Our dedicated employees strive to get orders filled and delivered to our customers in a timely manner.

Diversification has been one of our focal points. From oilfield drilling and fabrication to sugar mills, salt mines, carbon black plants and food service. Channel Specialty goes the extra mile to serve our customers.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky Oilfield Supply was opened in 1983 by Levie, Tommy, and Brad Ronsonet with younger brother, Dickie Paul. With an energetic enthusiasm  Dickie Paul worked hard to get Blue Sky established in this competitive industry.

Located near Channel Specialty, Blue Sky carries product lines meant to compliment the product lines carried by Channel. Through the years diversification has been the key to meeting the demands of our customers in several different industries. Although we’re still a small company, excellent service and customer satisfaction remain our top priority.


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